No Tiverton Casino is a volunteer organization dedicated to a casino-free Tiverton and the preservation of the community's historic heritage, bucolic vistas and rural character. We are a local organization comprised solely of Tiverton residents and taxpayers. Our mission is to provide education and outreach services to the community in order to challenge pro-casino propaganda. We are not affiliated with other local organizations who may share our objectives; however, we appreciate their efforts.

Please review this site to get more information about the impact a casino would have on our community, and find out how you can help us convince the voters of Tiverton to reject this destructive proposal. Thank you and please vote NO on 8!



If you can call friends or visit neighbors, we need your help! Volunteer to fight the casino. We're counting on you!

Help spread the word in Tiverton. Message us your name and address, and we'll get one out to you ASAP.

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