No Tiverton Casino is up against the very slick and well-financed machines of Twin River and the Rhode Island legislature. Tiverton casino advocates have spent nearly $2 million so far. The best way to get our message out is through canvassing, mailings and yard signs. These activities are quite expensive, so any contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated and put to very good use.

To make a contribution, please send you name, address, occupation and employer (for reporting purposes), along with your check to:

No Tiverton Casino
11 Watuppa Ave

Please make checks payable to No Tiverton Casino. Thank you!




If you can call friends or visit neighbors, we need your help! Volunteer to fight the casino. We're counting on you!

Help spread the word in Tiverton. Message us your name and address, and we'll get one out to you ASAP.

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