Countless newspaper, television and government reports reveal excessive criminal activity directly related to casinos. Larcenies, vandalism, petty thefts, fraud, embezzlement, shootings, property crimes and aggravated assaults are just some of the highlights. Twin River’s recent crime spree has included most of these. Do you know what community crime does to your insurance rates?

There IS crime at Twin River
As sure as crime already exists in Tiverton, you can count on that crime increasing the minute the casino opens. To anyone telling you that there is no data to support the claim that casinos bring crime, we need only point to the recent crime spree at Twin River mentioned above. Assaults, robberies, fraud, extensive vandalism, etc. all occur at Twin River. Here are several examples, as reported by the media:

In addition to higher insurance rates, more crime is usually accompanied by greater burdens on a community's protection services. Police details are covered for those working at Twin River, but additional calls related to activities at the casino, and AROUND the casino, burden on-duty resources and potentially have an impact on overall demand. We need to look beyond the anecdotes provided by Lincoln's chief of police or the Lincoln Town Administrator (former security director at Twin River, no less).

There WILL be an impact on resources
The Woonsocket Call provides us with just one example from last month showing that seven out of ten arrests made in one week were related to Twin River!

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Before you vote, understand the impact on families that a casino will have.

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