According to studies, approximately 1.2 percent of U.S. adults are pathological gamblers. However, that figure DOUBLES in any casino host community. In Tiverton's case, the number of residents with a gambling problem will rise from 190 to 380 (based on a population of 15,780) if the proposed casino is built. It's also improtant to note that a gambling addiction is often accompanied by:

  • depression;
  • anciety;
  • substance abuse;
  • mental health disorders;
  • financial problems (bankruptcies and foreclosures);
  • crime (to support the addiction; and
  • suicide.

In fact, suicide rates among gambling addicts are staggeringly high. The National Council on Problem Gambling has estimated that one in five problem gamblers attempt suicide -- twice the rate for other addictions. Men, women, old, young, educated, uneducated, etc. can call succumb to addiction. Women comprise one of the many at-risk populations vulnerable to developing a gambling problem, and a trauma history compounds that vulnerability.

The gambler can be a victim too
Here's just one woman's story about how she developed "a devastating and crippling addiction to slot machines." Please watch.

Melynda Litchfield, a registered nurse in Illinois, was severely harmed by state-run slot machines when they were placed near her home. Now a National Victims Advocate for Stop Predatory Gambling, Melynda is helping to lead a national movement to end state-sponsored gambling because it is dishonest, financially-damaging to citizens and contributes to rising unfairness and inequality in society. If you want to see change on this major issue, you need to join her in working for reform. Contact her at


If you can call friends or visit neighbors, we need your help! Volunteer to fight the casino. We're counting on you!

Help spread the word in Tiverton. Message us your name and address, and we'll get one out to you ASAP.

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