Most jobs promised by Twin River will be low-paying, part-time and/or temporary. At first, an average compensation of $55K was touted. When pressed, it was disclosed that this figure was for certain full-time positions only, and it included benefits and tips. The recent study reduces this figure to the $40K range. Benefits can represent upward of 30% of overall compensation, and tips are not predictable. As such, the $40K compensation is reduced to less than $28K. Assuming a very conservative 10-11% for tips, this figure is further reduced to $25K. We're talking $12 an hour before taxes and deductions. This is not a "well-paying" job -- it's not even a living wage! Consider the following:

  • Many of the jobs at Twin River will be part-time, which will include no or limited benefits.

  • A third-party resource (Glassdoor) reveals an average $6-7 hourly pay for dealers, and an average $11-12 hourly wage for security personnel.

  • The minimum hourly cash wage will be just $3.89 after January 1, 2017 for many of the jobs since they fall into the category of "Employees receiving gratuities."

  • The legislature recently changed the laws to exempt Twin River from paying Sunday overtime to its workers, driving pay lower.

Rhode Island lawmakers exempt Twin River from labor laws
Despite the claims that Twin River is good to its employees and that you can make $60K as a janitor, that evidence is merely anecdotal (like it is when talking about crime). By reviewing real data and Twin River's record, one can certainly come to a different conclusion. Just a few months ago, Twin River faced accusations of violating state and federal labor laws by requiring floor supervisors to work six days a week and not paying them overtime. No problem. Our political leaders took care of that by allowing Twin River to stop giving Sunday overtime pay to its workers.

Few net employment gains expected for Tiverton workforce
Initial plans called for about 1,100 slot machines and 40 table games. Given that the proposed Tiverton casino will be about the same size as Newport Grand, and the bottom end of the projected revenue range is significantly lower than original estimates, Twin River will most likely be very cautious about expanding its workforce.

Job numbers are more than likely significantly inflated, and there is no assurance that Tiverton residents will get the jobs at Twin River. Many will be filled by workers displaced by the closing of the Newport Grand facility. And the temporary construction jobs will be filled by union members who most likely do not live in Tiverton.

Twin River's own confusing economic study, conducted by the Linwood, New Jersey-based Spectrum Gaming Group states, "There is no guarantee that the employment gain for the new casino will be concentrated in Tiverton." Looks like they're already retracting those job promises made to Tiverton residents.



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