The round-about will not mitigate traffic because it was designed over a decade ago for traffic patterns FROM ten years ago. Twin River’s own 4,000-vehicles-per-day estimate was not considered in the design, and the round-about does not address current congestion on the single-lane road approaching the Tiverton border from Route 24 and William S. Canning Boulevard. The roundabout will be obsolete before the first shovel hits the ground. For years, the state and RIDOT were not particularly interested in addressing the situation; however, the Twin River proposal has suddenly moved them to fast-track construction.

Twin River and state house agenda finally spark action
The state has offered to pay Twin River to handle the road paving. Sounds like outsourcing at taxpayer expense. If Twin River wants the casino, and if they are the ones bringing 4,000 cars a day to the area (wait for your auto insurance rates to rise), should Twin River pay for the roundabout? If Twin River can handle this work better than RIDOT, isn't that a problem? Isn't that something that should be addressed by the legislature? Looks like we're looking to Twin River for more than just revenue. And the legislature seems quite willing to make that happen given that they're too busy leading the state down a path of destruction.

Again, the state has neglected to address the traffic situation on Stafford Road for years, but it is now holding Tiverton hostage by promising to address ONLY IF the casino is approved. Are our legislative leaders working for the citizens of Rhode Island, or are they really working for Twin River?



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